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Rug Cleaning service

By calling us, you will get the best possible rug cleaning service in London However, we will go even beyond that and ensure you that each and every one of your rugs is properly taken care of.

From figuring out the fabric type to sorting out the weave type, soil level and backing, we are experts in rug cleaning and technicians that are skilled at removing all kinds of odors, pet stains etc.

As we mentioned above, we have tons of experience with all kinds of rugs. In fact, rugs come to us in great variety, from the modest fun ones to the highly prized heirlooms. What’s common for all rugs is that they are important to their owners.

Let’s face it – rugs are a great addition in every home. They add up to the warmth, give comfort and tie together any room decor while creating a harmonious design. Area rug cushions, for example, can protect your floors from heavy traffic. On the other hand, Persian rugs are great when matched with the right decor.

Premises type Hot Water Extraction Hot Water Extraction + Stain protection* Dry Cleaning / Delicates
Rug (up to 3sq.m) £14.00 £19.00 £32.00
Medium Rug £20.00 £24.00 £40.00
Large Rug £25.00 £29.00 £50.00

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