Carpet and Rug cleaning

Carpet and rug Cleaning service

Now is the time to speak about one of the most important surfaces that you interact with every second you are home – your carpets. It is scientifically proven that people involuntary bring in their house various bacteria and viruses with their shoes. No need to panic – we got you covered with that issue also!

Being this number of years in this sensitive business – to take care of people’s homes, we’ve managed to filter the best products from the most reliable and proven brands to keep your family’s most prized possession – their health. Combined with the steam technology in our top-notch machinery we make sure to exterminate every single germ that may reside uninvited. On the other hand, our procedures keep the carpets soft and delicate, so when you walk on them, you may feel you are stepping on the tender grass in the woods after summer’s rain. You will feel your toes gently hugged by the million fibers happily treated with our products. This way you can fully relax after nerve racking day at the office. Fancy laying down before the television or solving a puzzle with the family – this will become one of your favorite spots to chill in the house! Remember that we are fully-aware of the most important trends in hygiene – aromatherapy. Therefore we choose products that will take you to a journey either to the cool mountain, to the hot sunny beach or to the blooming garden.

Property type Hot Water Extraction + Stain protection* Dry Cleaning / Delicates
Lounge / Dining room (12×12 feet) £28.00 £26.00
Through lounge (28×12 feet) £44.00 £46.00
Hallway (10×4 feet) £17.00 £14.00
Staircase (up to 14 steps) £28.00 £26.00
Single Bedroom (12×12 feet)
Small Rug up to 3m²
Medium Rug 6-9m²
Large Rug 10-13m²

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