Domestic and Housekeeping

Domestic and Housekeeping service

Your home is your castle! We know that, so we provide our best services to keep your fortress clean and welcoming you after a long day at work.

With our affordable rates and reliable high quality cleaning we make sure that the cleaning is taken care of for good.

- Customisable frequency, duration and priorities 

- Reliable and personalised service

- High quality cleaning

- Let us take care of the cleaning for you for 11 months -  get the 12th one for free!

Yes, you heard right it is an entire month of free cleaning, simply set up the desired service - frequency and duration and enjoy our service for 11 months. The same duration and frequency will be kept for the 12th month except EVERY clean that month will be absolutely FREE.

Type Min h/p visit Price
Repeat clean 3 hours £ 15.00 /h
One-off clean 3 hours £ 17.50 /h

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