Upholstery Cleaning


We know you appreciate your life choices – one of them is your interior. That’s why we don’t cut corners on the products that we use. Nevertheless this is just one side of the coin. The team that we have gathered has the right set of skills to apply them the best possible way, not torturing materials. That way your armchairs, sofas or whatever you need cleaned will look always sharp and like you’ve bought them days ago.

Upholstery cleaning is an almost lost art the way we do it. We have special products that will not only clean, but also can preserve the patina of retro interiors. Keeping the material moisturized is the key to revive it. We pay attention to every detail with precision, so our customers will always be satisfied and we can continue working together in the future. That is our main motto – we don’t work just to get one-time customers, but to build a relationship based on trust, confidence and most importantly – brilliant results either at your home or your office. You will feel the relief of having professionals like us on your side – especially in a metropolis like London, where these kind of services are often neglected or done slowly and inefficiently. We are proud to be the best in the business and to be there whenever, wherever you need us to be. Never again worry that your space won’t look the best for your special occasion. Trust us and we will deliver. Thousands of customers can approve it! Choose your plan and the results will amaze you, we guarantee!

Premises type Hot water extraction + stain protection Dry cleaning/delicates
Arm chair, ottoman, headboard£35.00 £42.00
Two seated sofa £41.00 £59.00
Three seated sofa £62.00 £79.00
L-shaped four seated sofa £83.00 £94.00
Dining chairs, office chair, foot stool £12.00 £23.00
Mattress £25.00 £35.00
Mattress double £35.00

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